Engineering a powerful split payment app for PayJustNow

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In 2019, Itemate Solutions teamed up with PayJustNow - a FinTech startup - to craft the ultimate Buy-Now-Pay-Later solution. Fast forward a few years and PayJustNow's Merchant and Customer community has grown at an astounding rate with over R100million in sales being processed monthly.

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Financial Services

PayJustNow is an innovative South African technology company that offers a Buy-Now-Pay-Later solution, allowing shoppers to pay for products gradually as they earn money, without the worry of accumulating charges.



Four years of offering innovative payment solutions, benefitting both the merchant and customer

Tech Stack

PayJustNow was constructed using a best-in-class software and technology stack, to create a showcase solution that is scalable, functional, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

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The Professional Services team at Itemate was equally impressive, demonstrating their technical prowess, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering a high-quality solution throughout the project. They worked tirelessly to ensure that the final solution was both functional and user-friendly, while also being aesthetically pleasing.
Mark McChlery, Chief Data and Analytics Officer
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Our Challenge

PayJustNow aimed to challenge and disrupt the retail credit industry. To do this, they needed a robust and scalable solution built from scratch to launch this revolutionary FinTech startup.

Our Solution

Itemate Solutions eagerly embraced the opportunity to venture into the FinTech space and create an innovative Buy-Now-Pay-Later platform. Collaborating closely with PayJustNow and using cutting-edge technologies, we developed a comprehensive end-to-end solution in six months. PayJustNow launched with their first merchant, offering the new online payment option and a state-of-the-art customer app. As demand increased, an in-store payment option was introduced, as well as additional features specifically designed to benefit merchants.

Our Outcome

Itemate Solutions takes great pride in being part of PayJustNow’s remarkable journey, as it has achieved tremendous success. It is massively rewarding for us to contribute to the realization of entrepreneurs’ dreams.

The Journey of PayJustNow and Itemate Solutions

A group of entrepreneurs approached Itemate Solutions in early 2019 with a vision to establish a Buy-Now-Pay-Later company in South Africa. Despite having a clear vision, they lacked the technical expertise to develop the necessary solution for what eventually became PayJustNow.
Over the past few years PayJustNow has experienced exponential growth, boasting a network of over 2,400 merchants and a customer base of more than 650,000 registered users. The total value of purchases made through the platform has surpassed R 1 Billion, while year-on-year sales have skyrocketed, growing at an impressive rate of 177%.
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Triumphant Merger with HomeChoice Group

By early 2021, a little over two years after the initial coffee shop discussions, the majority share of PayJustNow was acquired by the publicly listed HomeChoice Group. PayJustNow is experiencing ongoing growth, supported by Itemate Solutions’ provision of professional and consulting services.
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Tangible Results

Registered Customers

In only five years, PayJustNow's network encompasses 2,500+ merchants and has a significant customer base of over 1,3 million users.

Collective Spendings

The collective purchases of the customer base have exceeded R 3.7 Billion.

Fintech contribution

The total fintech contribution of profits before group costs.

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PayJustNow Interface
Payment Solutions

Engineering a powerful split payment app for PayJustNow

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