Revolutionizing Network Number Management for Tigo Tanzania

Mobile Number Recycling
Network Number Inventory Management

In 2013, Tigo Tanzania approached Itemate Solutions with a problem surrounding the management and recycling of their active 15 million mobile numbers. Recycling incorrect numbers was creating a lot of customer dissatisfaction and required significant resources to reconcile and correct the issues. To address this problem, Itemate Solutions designed, built and implemented the Network Number Inventory Management (NNIM) solution.


Tigo is one of the leading innovative telecommunications companies operating in Tanzania. They provide a range of communication services, including mobile phone services, mobile internet, and mobile money services.



Years since Tigo implemented NNIM. In this time, not a single incorrect number has been sent for recycling.

Tech Stack

NNIM is built using the latest technologies and best practices to provide an outstanding user experience and performance.



Itemate has developed and successfully delivered a wide array of enhancements to our business. From lengthy country-wide rollouts to ad hoc regulatory requests. Their support team has worked closely with various Tigo teams and departments to deliver internal milestones efficiently and conveniently.
Saad Thabit, Business Support Product Supervisor
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Our Challenge

Tigo Tanzania did not have control over their number pool and recycling rules, which was resulting in the wrong numbers being sent to their SIM provider. As a consequence, incorrect numbers were being recycled, requiring substantial time and effort to rectify the situation. 

Our Solution

Itemate Solutions designed and built NNIM, an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates into all the systems to which an MSISDN could be linked and creates a map of every single unique number. The organization is then able to configure their complex hierarchical recycling business rules into NNIM. Through the mapping of all MSISDNs and utilizing the predefined rules, NNIM generates blocks of 100,000s numbers which are 100% available for recycling.

Our Outcome

For 9 years since the implementation of NNIM, Tigo has not sent a single incorrect number for recycling.

Expanding Reach: NNIM Implementation for a Middle-Eastern Client with over 65 Million Numbers

Within 6 months of implementing NNIM at Tigo, Itemate Solutions successfully introduced the solution to a Middle-Eastern client, who had a staggering number pool of over 65 million numbers.
Since then, both the initial clients and subsequent additions continue to depend on NNIM for their number and recycling management needs.

Overview and value proposition of NNIM

NNIM offers several key features and benefits, including:
  • Automated management of network number and device master data
  • Automated recycling and allocation of free number assets
  • Automated management of free pool numbers, with reservation and provisioning support
  • Self-learning capability to construct a number map from listening to the network
  • Automated supply chain integration and support
  • Highly configurable, scalable, and stable product

Tangible Results

Performance improvement

Over the past 9 years since Tigo implemented NNIM, there have been no instances of sending incorrect numbers for recycling.

Tigo’s mobile numbers

Since 2013, NNIM has served as an effective solution to manage and recycle over 27 million mobile numbers.

Network number batches

Multiple blocks of 200,000 numbers are sent to SIM providers, with 100% accuracy.

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Mobile Number Recycling
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Revolutionizing Network Number Management for Tigo Tanzania

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