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Point of Sale
Inventory Management

Phoenix is the result of our team’s years of experience in telecommunications, POS and inventory management. Built on the latest technologies, Phoenix boasts efficient transactional flows and performance gains that provide customers with an exceptional user experience. Catering to the varied operational requirements of the telecommunications industry in both first world and developing countries, Phoenix comes loaded with a rich list of features and modules. Already implemented at three leading telecoms companies, Phoenix has been given excellent feedback. We are excited to roll out even more implementations in the second half of 2023.

Our Suite of Retail Management Products

Our retail management solutions are designed and customised to our client’s needs. These modules are designed to ensure that the customer experience in all retail outlets is one to be remembered.

Module 01

Retail Management

Our retail management solution is designed and customised to a client’s needs, providing for full stock control point of sale. It is a powerful fully integrated business and operational tool which allows the retailer complete control and overview of their entire retail environment.

Module 02

Inventory Management

Serialized inventory management incorporates the lifecycle management of inventory at discrete item level. The entire lifecycle of an inventory item is tracked through their serial numbers.

Module 03

Reporting Engine

A detailed, configurable Reporting tool enabling an infinite number of reports to be customised to the unique requirements of your business.

Module 04


A suite of dashboards that fully represents the business health at a glance.

Module 05

Pricing Engine

Our Advanced Pricing Engine provides the customer with a powerful tool to configure complex pricing and tax structures within their retail environment.

Module 06

Voucher Inventory Management

Efficient Voucher Inventory Management necessitates smooth integration with the Voucher System. Our tool comprises automatic voucher generation (physical and virtual), secure storage, supplier and IN file generation and encryption, stock management, and traceability.

Network Number Inventory Management (NNIM)

NNIM, short for Network Number Inventory Management, is a system designed to manage the lifecycle of an organisation’s Network Number Assets upon allocation by the country’s Number Issuing Authority. NNIM ensures the number utilisation is traced and managed, and number recycling adheres to the Organisation’s Business Rules. Additionally, NNIM manages the SIM master data and integrates it into the SIM supply chain. The key features include:

  • Automated management of network number and device master data
  • Automated recycling and allocation of free number assets
  • Automated management of free pool numbers, with reservation and provisioning support
  • Self-learning capability to construct a number map from listening to the network
  • Automated supply chain integration and support
  • Highly configurable, scalable, and stable product

Learn More About Our Bespoke Solutions

Our efforts have yielded uniquely tailored solutions for our clients across Africa, leading to enriched customer experiences and impressive boosts in revenue.

PayJustNow Interface

Engineering a powerful split payment app for PayJustNow

Payment Solutions

In 2019, Itemate Solutions teamed up with PayJustNow - a FinTech startup - to craft the ultimate Buy-Now-Pay-Later solution. Fast forward a few years and PayJustNow's Merchant and Customer community has grown at an astounding rate with over R100million in sales being processed monthly.

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Phoenix Dashboard

Building effective telecommunication solutions for MTN

Inventory Management
Point of Sale

For 17 years, Itemate Solutions has proudly partnered with MTN, Africa's top telecommunications company. Our journey began in 2006, providing Point of Sale and Inventory Management solutions to MTN Ivory Coast. Since then, we've worked with MTN in Afghanistan, Cameroon, Ghana, Benin, and South Africa, fostering strong relationships along the way.

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Tigo Interface

Revolutionizing Network Number Management for Tigo Tanzania

Mobile Number Recycling
Network Number Inventory Management

In 2013, Tigo Tanzania approached Itemate Solutions with a problem surrounding the management and recycling of their active 15 million mobile numbers. Recycling incorrect numbers was creating a lot of customer dissatisfaction and required significant resources to reconcile and correct the issues. To address this problem, Itemate Solutions designed, built and implemented the Network Number Inventory Management (NNIM) solution.

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